Welcome to Moran Communications, Inc., writers and editors who keep you in touch with your market, who dedicate themselves to linking you and your public, and who know how to send your message – effectively. We write business to business communications for you, but to be more accurate, we write for your customers and clients. Plain English – plain and powerful English – makes the difference between words on a page and a communication that gets results, results that matter, results that make an impact, results that last. We measure results by their impact on one thing: your bottom line.

Why Do Businesses Hire Professional Writers?

Are you a business owner or executive? If so, you’ve no doubt noticed that written communications with customers, actual and prospective, often take a second seat to the daily grind of making your business work.

  • You know you should keep your website up to date, constantly adding new rich content.
  • You know you should send regular emails to your customers.
  • You know you should do direct mail or email campaigns to get new customers.
  • You know you should do promotions.
  • You know you should have some goodies in your basket that you can give away as incentives.
  • You know that growing your business is a top priority, probably THE top priority.
  • You also know that all of these things take not only time, but a special kind of talent.

Maybe we can help

Here are a few of the ways Moran Communications can help rocket your business to the

Good Writing Means Persuasive Writing

Good Writing Means Persuasive Writing

top. Do any of these chores apply to you?

Blog Posts. A blog, or weblog, is a modern advance that helps put a business or person on the map. A blog is nothing more than a regularly scheduled series of articles, articles that are useful to your market and help to brand you as a go-to business. Blogs are all over the place, and they can be great. But, as many an aspiring blogger has found out, it’s a challenge to write a regular series of articles. We’re like an aspirin for that headache. We consult with you on the content, and then take on the task of making the series of articles a reality.

Case studies. Tell the world about a customer’s successful use of your product or service. People love stories. Here’s a chance to tell a compelling story about your business, and how it helped a real person – your customer.

Email alerts and autoresponders. Have something new to tell your customers? How about an automatic email when a customer clicks on part of your site or asks a specific question. An autoresponder shows you care about service, and doesn’t keep the customer hanging.

Newsletters. A newsletter from your company is a great way to keep in front of your customers and your market. It doesn’t have to be long, but it should be sent on a regular time schedule. And, it needs to be interesting. Of course, a well written newsletter will contain subtle references to your products and services.

Sales Letters. A sales letter, whether email or regular mail, is a classic way to seek a direct response from the recipients. We not only write the letter, using the classic copywriting tools to get a good response, but we show you how to track the results for future mailings. A good sales letter not only talks about the features that you offer, but the all important benefits to the prospect. It also closes the sale.

Speeches. Some people say they don’t like to memorize a speech because it will soundPublic Speaker-_hand “canned.” Noting could be further from the truth. A speech needs to be crafted, with humor, applause line pauses, and memorable words. It needs to be practiced. We write speeches that people remember.

Video and audio writing. Video, especially since the launch of YouTube, has lit the skies like a rocket. We write compelling words and hand them over to a professional actor, or talented employee in your office. Maybe it’s you. Video and audio messages are here to stay – because they work.

Website development. We have skilled affiliates who can design a website from scratch, or bring your current website up to a new level. A website is crucial for any business – any business.

Web page copy. A website that works is one that’s up-to-date and chock full of useful and interesting copy. Unfortunately, this is one of the things that many a business owner has to “get around to someday.” We can make it happen – today.

 White papers. A white paper is a sort of a “how to” manual. Typically five to ten pages in length, it’s not a flat-out sales piece like a brochure, but is more subtle. It should be thoroughly researched and edited. It shows your company as a thought leader. A white paper can be called an “executive briefing” or a “special report” or pretty much anything you want to call it. A white paper is a wonderful “give away” to promote your business, and most important, to capture email addresses for you growing list.

Questions? Please give Russ Moran a call at 631-581-0188 or email him at russ@morancom.com.  

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  1. Francis X Moran says:

    Moran must look up a Moran. I am retired court reporter and current J.P. in Mass. Saw a post on Twitter. Lots here I want to look over. But first just let me say hi.

  2. Helen Jenkins says:

    I welcome you as a follower and look forward to reading both books.

  3. paul king says:

    did i read that you served on the cvs 18 wasp for 1968 – 70 ?

  4. Ralph F. Brady says:

    I just finished reading “The Gray Ship”. Wow, what a job you did on this. I’m totally intimidated with my own fledgling attempt at a time travel novel. My review on Amazon that I just submitted just about says it all.

    Look forward to seeing you at the next meeting,



  5. Hi Russ, we heard about the Long Island McArthur Airport book signing promotion on Saturdays.
    Were very interested in presenting are book He Rejoices Over Me. Please contact us when there is a spot open.

  6. Hello Russ, Excited to be invited at the Long Island McArthur Airport book signing. Friends are asking, what would be the hours of operation for the March 15 2014 book signing day?

  7. Hi Russ, I hope this mail reaches you in good heath.Keep checking the your mail. My book should be there any day! Thanks Nick.

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