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Russ Moran is an author, lawyer, and blogger. He writes on a wide variety of topics, including recreational themes such as boating, how-to articles, law and business. He is the author of Justice in America: How it Works - How it Fails, published in 2011. Kirkus Reviews calls the book: "A lively,brash,illuminating insider look at the law,by a compelling expert." Russ has recently finished The APT Principle: The Business Plan that you Carry in Your Head, It was published in June 2012. His blog is The Moran Report at Russ lives on Long Island with his wife Lynda. They have a five year old shih tzu that they are still trying to house train.

Novel Covers and Titles – Tips for the writer

Yes, you can tell a book by its cover, or at least that’s what the majority of readers do. Here are some thoughts for the cover and title of your novel Covers The cover of your novel is one of … Continue reading

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Easy Writing Errors to Avoid

Most writing errors aren’t the result of ignorance, but are simply mistakes, mistakes that are easy to overlook. In this post I review some of the most basic errors, and ways to avoid them. When you proofread your writing, you … Continue reading

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A Very Dumb Rule

Conventional wisdom among writers holds that the word “very” is poisonous, a useless word that clouds your writing, adding an unnecessary emphasis when you could achieve the same thing with a more powerful word. Substitute “outraged” for “very angry.” I … Continue reading

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White Paper – How to Improve Business Writing

White Paper Moran Communications, Inc. The Write Stuff We Write for Your Business   How to Improve Your Business Writing   Business writing, like any kind of written communication, requires rules, rules that should be followed, and, if ignored, … Continue reading

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Fuggeddaboutit – The Disappearing New York Accent

A Sign on the Belt Parkway Source: Used with permission of Ed Mooney, Photographer A Regional Dialect is Changing The New York accent, sometimes called the Brooklyn accent or Brooklynese, is fast melding into a general American accent. We are … Continue reading

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Kirkus Reviews – Justice in America: How it Works – How it Fails

The following review of my book, Justice in America: How it Works – How it Fails, is from Kirkus Reviews, an independent book review company from Austin, Texas.  It has also been reviewed quite favorably by many readers. The goddess … Continue reading

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The United States Constitution – A Primer

  A Few Things We Should All Know Don’t be intimidated when you read about a case that involves constitutional law. Yes, constitutional law can be very complex, but the basic principles aren’t. Cases involving the United States Constitution and … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Writing

Can this machine write an article without you? Source: By Penarc CC-BY-3.0Via Wikimedia Commons   Automatic Writing – The New Face of Journalism There is a specter haunting the world of writers – the specter of automatic writing. That’s right, an … Continue reading

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The Plausible Impossible in Fiction Writing

Source: By Bubba73 (File:Road Runner decal 2.jpg) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( Source: By Walt Disney Pictures, Amblin Entertainment  [Public domain], Good fiction writing means crafting a good story. It doesn’t mean that the story should be grounded in reality, only that it be internally … Continue reading

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How To Make More Time By Changing Your Perception

Source: By Albertyanks Albert Jankowski (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons   Yes, You Can Create Time Is it possible to create more time? Yes, it is. Before you laugh and close this page, please read on. What is time? … Continue reading

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