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Lawyers are a tough sell. Have you noticed? They’re overly analytical, persnickety, and always looking for a bargain. They’re smart, they read every word, and they don’t respond to an emotional sale.

Or is that just conventional wisdom, unhinged from reality?

Here’s the truth. Lawyers are consumers just like anyone else. And just like everyone else, they don’t want to be sold…but they do want to buy. Show a lawyer a product or service that will make his or her life better and you have a deal. You just have to approach your prospect the right way.

I write for companies that do business with lawyers. I built a successful publishing business selling products and services exclusively to lawyers. I know these folks, what makes them happy or angry. I know the best time to approach them, when to avoid them, and how to get through to them. I know what makes them tick. I’m a lawyer myself.

Marketing your products and services to lawyers – a few tips

Some lawyers are good business people, most are not. Law schools teach the law but seldom the business aspects of running a practice. Although he or she may deal with businesses, the typical lawyer has had no training or experience in running a business. When you approach a law firm, always keep this in mind. Your prospects are typically smart, but they practice law not business.

Lawyers want to hear plain English. Don’t talk about ROI, talk about “return on investment.” Don’t blather on about “system optimization,” talk about “making things run smoothly.” Avoid discussing “your IT delivery team.” Talk about the “techies who run your computers.”

Lawyers are busy, sometimes crazy busy. If the lawyer you’re dealing with is on trial, don’t even think about getting her on the phone, not even for “just a quick update.” Always begin your follow up call to a secretary or assistant by asking, “Is she still on trial? If so I’ll call back.”

 The receptionist, secretary, or legal assistant is not out to kill you (although it may sometimes seem that way). These folks have their own set of concerns and desires. Yes, they want to help the firm, but they also want to make their own work lives less stressful. They have their own stake. Will your product or service help these support people in any way? Will it save time, make things more organized, or just cut down on the chaos in a busy law firm? If so, they become a key part of the sales process, if not as decision makers, then as cheerleaders for your product.

The legal market is huge but your target prospects may be small

According to a study by the American Bar Association, there were 1,268,011 licensed lawyers in the United States in 2012. In 2005 no less than 89 percent had 10 or fewer attorneys, a target market if there ever was one; fewer decision makers, fewer purchase committees, and more opportunity to get your message to the people who decide.

Maybe we can help…

Here are just a few of the ways that we can help you get through to your prospects:

  •  White Papers. A White Paper is often called a “Special Report.” It is a document between four to ten pages in length, and its purpose is to educate the reader on your industry or some other important matter. While not as direct as a brochure, a white paper is often used as a powerful free giveaway to encourage further action, or to enable your sales people to leave something behind for the critical follow up call.
  • Sales letters. This is a direct approach to your prospect. Depending on the price and complexity of your offering, the approach can be direct – seeking a sale through a call to action to buy, or indirect – a call to action to download a free promotion to move the sales process forward. We design sales letters for traditional direct mail and email.
  •  Case Studies. A case study is a paper that describes how a client of yours succeeded by using your product or service. A case study tells a story, a powerful bottom line story… about your product.
  •  Brochures. A brochure tells the prospect all of the features, but most importantly, the benefits of your product or service. A quality brochure is a must for your sales efforts.
  •  Sales Proposals. The days of winging it are over. We work with your sales team to develop the words for focused and powerful sales proposals, proposals designed to move the project forward…or to close the sale.
  • Audio and video scripts. We live in an era of sound and visual messages, and we write scripts that communicate.
  • Press releases. Newspaper editors are starving for good and interesting announcements. Proper wording make the difference between a release that gets published and one that gets canned.
  • Writing for the Web. The Internet revolution continues, and we help your company take maximum and profitable advantage of the medium. A good website is more than just an online brochure. We can make every page on your site a strong promoter of your product or service.
  •  Landing Page. A web page that people access when sent by an email or other link. It stands apart from the other pages on the site as a stand-alone call to action to help sell your product or keep the sales cycle moving forward.
  •  Email campaigns. We not only help you send messages with impact, we also help you in the all important task of building your email list.

o   Blogs. A blog is a proven tool to stay in touch with your customers and prospective customers. But a blog is only as good as its regular blog posts. We can help you devise a regular schedule of posts – directly related to your product, but also of general interest so as not to look like a sales pitch.

o   Page content. When visitors arrives at your website, they expect each page to deliver clear and meaningful content. We make sure that you don’t disappoint them.

o   Autoresponders. Don’t waste valuable time when a prospect requests something from your website, whether a brochure, a white paper or a case study. An autoresponder sends a thank you email along with the requested information or a link to a landing page.

o   Website design. We team up with your web designers to come up with the perfect blend of photography, art, and the written word.

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Russ Moran is an author, lawyer, and blogger. He writes on a wide variety of topics, including recreational themes such as boating, how-to articles, law and business. He is the author of Justice in America: How it Works - How it Fails, published in 2011. Kirkus Reviews calls the book: "A lively,brash,illuminating insider look at the law,by a compelling expert." Russ has recently finished The APT Principle: The Business Plan that you Carry in Your Head, It was published in June 2012. His blog is The Moran Report at Russ lives on Long Island with his wife Lynda. They have a five year old shih tzu that they are still trying to house train.
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