I write for companies that do business with lawyers.

I know these folks, what makes them happy or angry. I know the best time to approach them, when to avoid them, and how to get through to them. I know what makes them tick. I’m a lawyer myself.

Having spent 25 years providing publications and services to lawyers and law firms, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. That means that I know how to project the value of your company, its features and benefits. You’ve invested time and money to make your product or service the best. Now your job is to market your company to people who need and want what you have.

I can help.

As a copywriter I’m convinced that you shouldn’t make everything sound too good to be true. I write in a conversational style, a style that engages your audience, a style that says, “I’m here to solve your problems, not show you how smart I am.”

When I was at the helm of Moran Publishing Company, I was faced with a problem, a problem of communicating. Some of our publications were, well, complicated to explain. After years of trying to find a writer who could communicate the benefits of our publications, I had an epiphany: why not write the marketing materials myself? It worked. Over the years I’ve honed and perfected my craft, taking courses, studying, and working constantly.

Some particulars about my background:

I’m a lawyer, journalist, and writer.  I’ve written four non-fiction books and three novels. You can find my books here

I’m the former CEO of Moran Publishing Company, widely known for its weekly, The New York Jury Verdict Reporter. The company also published four quarterlies, The Civil Motion Citator, The Criminal Motion Citator, The Matrimonial Citator, and The Tort Citator. Jucidial Review of Damages is a monthly publication that publishes appeals from jury verdicts.

I’m veteran of the United States Navy, and live in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York with my wife and editor, Lynda.

But enough about me.

What can I do for you? See all of the services I offer here. Or if you have some questions or want to discuss a project, just give me a call at 631-581-0188 or email me at russ@morancom.com.

Don’t be such a stranger.




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