The Gray Ship


Video Trailer of The Gray Ship

A tale of love, time travel and alternate history.

Captain Ashley Patterson, a 36 year old black woman, is commanding officer of a nuclear warship that’s heading to Charleston South Carolina for the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War.

Suddenly, as they approach the harbor,  at 3 A.M. in the morning the darkness becomes bright daylight.

They’ve lost all satellite navigation and communications.

She sends a SEAL group ashore to investigate. What they see are people in nineteenth century costumes riding in horse drawn carriages. Photo comparisons show a different Charleston from what they know it to be.

Somehow the ship has wound up in April 1861.

Ashley is frightened. She has a lingering feeling that she’s in over her head, she’s too young, that she isn’t cut out for high command, and that feeling dominates her thoughts. Her Executive Officer, the second in command, is 10 years older than Ashley and lower in rank. He has a seething resentment of her, believing that he should have her job.

She heads North to contact the Union Government.

Her fears worsen. She knows the Union will want her to aid in the war effort. But dare she change history? Her crew wants nothing more than to try to find their way back to 2011.

Abraham Lincoln wants to win the Civil War.

Ashley Patterson wants to bring her people home.

Does she commit treason or risk mutiny?


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