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The Gray Ship – Book One in The Time Magnet Series

The saga begins. A novel of romance, time travel and a nuclear warship commanded by an African American woman in the Civil War. Ashley Patterson wants to bring her crew back home to 2013, but Abraham Lincoln wants to win the Civil War. Read more, including a video trailer. Grab your copy here

.Awards for The Gray Ship

  • Kirkus Best Indie Book of 2013
  • eLit Gold Award – First Place in Literary Fiction
  • Indie Reader Discovery Award
  • Gold Medal – Global eBook Awards – 2014 Fantasy and Alternate History

“In this stellar time-travel novel, a modern-American nuclear-powered cruiser sails through a time portal and goes back 152 years to the days just before the beginning of the Civil War. This provocative, intensely powerful novel is a must-read for sci-fi fans and Civil War aficionados, though mainstream fiction readers will find it heart-rending and inspiring as well. A rare read that’s not only wildly entertaining, but also profoundly moving.” Kirkus Reviews.

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The Thanksgiving Gang – Sequel to The Gray Ship

Book Two of The Time Magnet series

Cover 2 copy LIGHTER July2Jack Thurber has traveled through time – again. This was his fourth journey through time, earning him a nickname The Time Magnet. But this time he’s traveled into the future.

He discovers that he and his Navy Captain wife Ashley were killed in a terrorist nuclear attack on Ashley’s ship on Thanksgiving Day, 2015. Four other ships were attacked in what became known as the Thanksgiving Attacks.

Jack’s got to find a way back to the past, the past when he and Ashley were still alive. To do that he forms a group of people to help him. They call themselves The Thanksgiving Gang.

Dare he change history?

Dare he not?

Rip-roaring, gut-wrenching suspense wrapped in a story of friendship and courage.

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A Time of Fear – Book Three of The Time Magnet series

Cover A TIME OF FEAR jpgIn a month, five American cities will be devastated by suitcase nuclear bombs.

The time travelers take on their old name, The Thanksgiving Gang.

They know what will happen, because they travelled to the future.

They know what the result will be. They’ve seen the devastation.

They know the details. Five American Cities targeted by nuclear suitcase bombs

BUT they don’t know where the bombs are – and they don’t know how to find them.

The clock is ticking and millions will soon lose their lives – unless they find the bombs.

“A riveting, pulse-pounding nail-biter in the spirit of The Gray Ship and The Thanksgiving Gang. A Time of Fear will grip you and not let go, even after you finish the book.”

A Time of Fear is Book Three of The Time Magnet Series – Available on –

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 The Skies of Time – Book Four of The Time Magnet Series

CoverWF2FRONTAshley and Jack have traveled back in time again. They went from 2016 to 1940, just before America’s involvement in World War II.

They were on a public relations flight dreamed up by the Pentagon to celebrate Ashley’s promotion to rear admiral, making her the youngest admiral in history.

They’ve time travelled before, but this time it’s different – they encountered a time portal, or wormhole – in the sky.

They have a duty – to warn the authorities of the coming war.

They also have a duty to themselves. They want to return to their home, their home in 2016.

Their plane had a cockpit data recorder, a Black Box, which would give them the coordinates to find the wormhole and return home.

But they’re horrified when they realize that 1940 technology could not read the data on the Black Box. They’re stranded – 76 years in the past.

Will they have to restart their lives from 1940 and never return home?

Or will they find a way to read the secrets of the box?

The Skies of Time is Book Four of the Time Magnet Series. Available on

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The Shadows of Terror – Book One in the Patterns Series

The Shadows of Terror – A novel that explodes off the front page of your newspCover SHADOWS OF TERROR final jpegFRONT (1)aper.

Terrorism now has a new face, a face that’s obscured in the shadows. The radical forces of destruction have learned to make themselves invisible to the West, and preventing a terrorist attack has become almost impossible.

A new war has begun, World War III.

Rick Bellamy, an FBI agent who specializes in counterterrorism, is engaged in his own war, a war with no end.

Bellamy’s wife, Ellen, a prominent architect, discovers that she’s in the middle of the greatest terror plot to date.

To defeat the enemy, Bellamy first has to uncover the clues, to shine a light on the shadows. He has to find patterns – before it’s too late.

“A fast paced, fantastic read. The best part of the book is it’s so realistic! This really could or could be happening!” Amazon customer review.

I am amazed at his ability to create interesting stories that contain just the right balance of credence, suspense, wit and a dash of spice. Moran’s books are what I call “page turners”. They are easy to get into, and difficult to put aside.” Amazon customer review.

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The Scent of Revenge – Book Two of The Patterns Series


The world is at war – World War III.

FBI Agent Rick Bellamy and his wife, Ellen, find themselves in the middle of a sinister terror plot.

Someone is attacking young prominent women, inflicting a horrible disease.

Nobody knows its origin, nobody knows how to stop it, nobody knows how to cure it.

Will the lives of the women be changed forever? When will the attacks stop?

As the head of the FBI Counterterrorism task force, Rick Bellamy thought that he had seen the worst extremes of terror. When he wakes up and turns on the news, the familiar knot in his stomach is always there. He had taken to squinting at the TV, to try to lessen the blow of the latest news of terror. He had recently had a mild heart attack, although, at 42, he’s a young man. His wife, Ellen, comes up with a plan to calm Rick down, to keep him focused on his life, their life, not just terror.

Rick met Ellen, four years younger than him, at a charity fundraiser. He was immediately taken by her beauty. Soon after they met, they fell in love and married. Besides her physical beauty, Rick discovered over their time together that Ellen was a unique human being. She was a well-known architect and the author of two best-selling books on architecture. Rick knew that Ellen had brains. But what he didn’t realize at first was her kindness, her genuine caring for other people, including him. Rick thought of Ellen not only as his wife and lover. He thought of her as his best friend. And the horror of the growing caseload that Bellamy faced called for just that: a friend.

With one news report after another, Bellamy realizes that terrorism has taken on a new face, a face of utter depravity. Woman after woman, some of whom Bellamy knew well, came down with a strange and horrifying disease.

Bellamy had grown accustomed to—if that’s possible—bombings, shootings, kidnappings, stabbings, and the varied accouterments of terrorism. But nothing had prepared him for this. Women at all levels of American society, from government to business to academia, were being stricken with the disease. The women all had something in common—they were young and they all held positions of prominence. Bellamy started to see a pattern, a group of dots that he starts to connect. The toll mounted as Bellamy looked on helplessly.

Suddenly the attacks got personal. Everyone, it seemed, knew a young woman who had been stricken by the illness. Cable news shows began each hour with a count of the latest victims. If 9/11 was the greatest terror spectacular of all time, the Scent of Revenge, as it came to be known, soon emerged into a terror spectacular that just kept growing.

But how can an illness be inflicted? How can a disease be weaponized? How does it happen?

Crimes are often solved by sheer luck. A clue is dropped in an unexpected place, a witness makes a call, a prisoner opens up. After a period of horrifying weeks, a clue finally emerged, a small clue, but a clue that could lead to something else, a dot to connect, a pattern to begin to form.  A cop, making a routine arrest in Manhattan, provided the first clue to the horror that the nation faced.

Bellamy and his colleagues realized that the situation had grown beyond the boundaries of law enforcement. They recognized that only science can hold the key to the scourge that’s sweeping the nation. Rick Bellamy and his team of scientists wanted to go on offense. But how?

As the weeks unfolded, and as the count of stricken women grew by the day, Bellamy takes his concerns to the top, to the White House.

Unless he can stop the attacks, America will become a different place, a strange, barren, and horrifying place.

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Sideswiped – Book One of the Matt Blake legal thriller series

Matt Blake is a Chicago trial lawyer and highly decorated Marine combat veteran. After losing his beloved fiancée in a tragic car accident, he finds that he has more battles to fight: alcohol and drugs. He gradually realizes that his life is spiraling downward, and that he needs help with the battle. He seeks the help of Dr. Benjamin Weinberg, a psychiatrist who’s also a family friend and consultant to his law firm.

With Dr. Weinberg’s help, Matt tames the monsters that sought to devour him. After rehab, he turns his attention to one of the most serious personal injury cases his firm has handled. It involved a sideswipe car accident in which his client’s husband, a famous political journalist, was killed. The case looked almost routine from a liability point of view. Numerous eyewitnesses gave sworn statements that they saw the defendant motorist talking on his cellphone just before his car slammed into the plaintiff’s husband. The eyewitness evidence pointed toward negligence. At first it looked like an open-and-shut personal injury case.

But evidence began to mount quickly that the “accident” may have been intentional—that it may have been murder. But Matt and his team struggle with a big question: Why would James Spellman have been murdered?

Matt finally meets the firm’s client, Diana Spellman, James Spellman’s widow. She’s a strikingly beautiful university professor and well-known writer. Matt, having licked his alcohol and drug problem, as well as the loss of his fiancée, finds himself swept off his feet by the lovely Diana Spellman. He shares his past drug and alcohol problems with her, and she shares her similar problems with him. Besides having lost lovers in similar type car accidents, Diana and Matt discover that their lives have a lot in common.

But Diana has a problem—she’s a murder target. As James Spellman’s informal editor, she knew every story that her husband was working on before his death, stories that contained secrets—secrets that threaten the highest levels of government, secrets that someone or some group does not want out in the open, secrets for which they’re willing to murder in order to keep quiet.
Matt’s attraction to Diana is mirrored by her attraction to him. It occurred to Diana that they were both playing a polite game of cat and mouse. So one Monday morning Diana showed up at Matt’s office unannounced. She sat in front of his desk and looked him in the eyes. ”I love you Matt. I drop dead friggin’ love you.”

But their love is soon complicated by assassination attempts on both Diana and Matt. They enter the FBI’s Witness Protection Program, which was not as protective as they expected. During a wild gunfight with terrorists who are trying to assassinate them, Diana risks her life to save Matt.

What began as a routine personal injury case suddenly evolved into a vast terrorist conspiracy—and Diana was at the center of it all.

Sideswiped is a crime drama, a legal thriller, a tale of terrorism, and finally, a compelling love story of two people who dedicate their lives to each other. It’s a story of enduring love, kept alive in the face of crippling fear.

The book will grab you by the gut, as well as by the heart.

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The ReformersBook Two in the Matt Blake legal thriller series

A story of law, politics, and alternative history.

“I just met a lying scumbag. Not only is he a lying scumbag, but he’s a mass murderer, a lowlife piece of garbage.

Problem is, he’s my client. I saw him briefly this morning before his arraignment, where the judge read the charges against him, including 61 one counts of murder, for openers, along with 105 counts of attempt to commit murder, plus a lot of other assorted mayhem. Nice guy.

Did I mention he’s a scumbag?”

Matt Blake prides himself on being a great attorney, but he’s not without preconceived notions, especially when a case involves a terrorist. When Matt enters the courtroom, he feels like it’s his home. He’s smart, highly educated, and keenly perceptive.

But sometimes Matt acts like a jerk, as his wife, Dee, a university professor, occasionally has to remind him. Dee had already read all about Matt’s new client in front page articles in all the major newspapers.

When Matt got home the evening after the arraignment, he couldn’t wait to tell Dee all about the exciting case and his creep of a client. He recounted the crimes that his client committed.

“He’s detonated a bomb at a mall. You and I already know all about that from the news. He killed 61 people and wounded 105.”

“Excuse me, Matt,” Dee said, “I believe you mean that 61 people were killed and 105 were wounded. You just said ‘He killed 61 people and wounded 105.’ You sound like you’ve already deliberated on the evidence and are about to announce a verdict—and you’re his fucking lawyer!”

“God, she can be a pain in the ass at times,” Matt thought. But he had to admit that Dee asks questions that he should have asked.

But she hadn’t heard anything yet, Matt thought. He told her that his client’s thumbprint was found on a remote detonator, along with DNA evidence from an apparent cut to his finger. The police had a videotape of him standing next to a satchel that was later determined to contain the bomb.

“How’s that for damning evidence, Dee. As I said, he’s a lying scumbag.”

Dee, not a lawyer but an observant professor, then picked apart the evidence, showing Matt that there could be simple explanations for all of the seemingly damning evidence.

Dee often calls Matt “counselor” when he’s behaving like anything but.

“I can’t believe you, Dee. You’re asking the questions that I should be asking. You embarrass me.”

Soon, Matt discovers, thanks to Dee, that his loser of a case has a lot more to it. He stopped calling his client a scumbag, at Dee’s insistence. Not only did the evidence start to look shaky, but within days two other men from different parts of the country were accused of similar crimes—with almost identical evidence.

It soon became clear that a nationwide conspiracy was in the making, a conspiracy formed by a sinister man named Bartholomew Martin who is running for President of the United States. Martin is the head of a shadowy organization that few people know about, including the United States government. The group is a terrorist organization at its heart, and kills, not because of religious fanaticism, but to amass power.

It’s a new force the world has never seen before, headed by a man who will stop at nothing to become a ruler. They ruthlessly slaughter radical Islamists. People begin to see Martin and his thugs as the solution to the problem of worldwide terrorism. They soon find out that the solution is worse than the problem.

Dee begins to see Matt as a great man, not just a great guy. She convinces him to run for president to oppose the evil genius and his organization, who are bent on changing the country to a dictatorship headed by Martin.

Matt and Dee find themselves in the middle of the most gigantic plot the world has ever seen, a conspiracy that’s only begun to grow.

The Reformers, the sequel to Sideswiped, is a wild legal thriller and an adventure into alternate history.

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The Keepers of Time – Book Five of the Time Magnet Series

A story of time travel and alternate history

“Something’s wrong. What’s going on? This isn’t right. Where the hell are we?” Ashley said to Jack as they stood on an open walkway of the USS Ronald Reagan. The ship was cruising off New York’s Long Island when the beautiful scenery suddenly disappeared.

Admiral Ashley Patterson and her husband Jack have done it again. They’ve time traveled—this time 200 years into the future—aboard a nuclear aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, Ashley’s flagship. Ashley, a tall, beautiful African-American woman, is the youngest admiral in the United States Navy. She married a wealthy writer and journalist, Jack Thurber. Married for four years, they love each other’s company, and each other. Ashley got permission from the Navy for Jack to accompany her on a deployment. The senior brass is fond of Jack, who is also a lieutenant in the Naval Reserve, for the many positive articles he’s written about the Navy. But their time travel has changed everything.

When they experienced the shock of crossing the time portal or wormhole, the captain of the ship had a heart attack, so Admiral Ashley took command.

They discover a new world, a strange new world—a post-nuclear war world—It’s an alternate history, radically different from what they’d expect, an alternate history that is both a beacon of hope, and a cry of despair. First they notice that Long Island is a vast wasteland inhabited by bison, wolves, and other creatures—everything but human beings. Then the ship steams around the rivers of New York City, a post-apocalyptic forest growing amidst what used to be sky scrapers. They steam down the East Coast, looking for signs of humanity, and come upon what used to be Atlantic City, once a mecca of fun and gambling, but now a depressing expanse of empty casinos, ravenous wolves, and crumbling hotels. There they find a newspaper preserved in plastic. The headline on the front page of The New York Times read:

“Nuclear Talks between Iran and the United States Falter—Large Amounts of Iranian Nuclear Weapons delivered to North Korea. President puts Military on High Alert.”

The date on the newspaper was April 12, 2018, a few months after the Reagan began its deployment.

But what year is it now? A metallurgist on the ship inspects the remnants of a bridge—The Verrazano- Narrows Bridge, He estimates that the melted remains of the bridge’s towers are over 200 years old. It was evidence of a nuclear war—200 years ago.

Ashley and her trusted officers, including Jack, encounter a group of people who call themselves The Keepers of Time, an organization dedicated to preserving history and culture. The people dress and sound as if they lived in 2018. That’s the idea, the head of The Keepers explains. They are dedicated to preserving history before the nuclear apocalypse. The organization is located at the beautiful old resort, The Greenbrier, in the former West Virginia.

But as much as the Keepers of Time have advanced, culturally and intellectually, the surrounding people in what was once known as the United States of America, have reverted back to a primitive and savage past, one that includes human sacrifice.

Ashley and Jack know they have to have to get back to the present to warn the government of the unspeakable horrors that await. They have seen the alternative history, and it isn’t good.

But finding the way back to the present is their greatest challenge, an almost insurmountable one. They know they have to pass over the wormhole to go forward in time to 2018, but the sea bottom has changed. They were almost aground at high tide when the Reagan hit the wormhole. Without sufficient depth to maneuver the ship, Ashley, Jack, and the entire crew may have to start their lives over—200 years in the future.

“A wild time travel yarn that starts fast and doesn’t slow down until the end.”

They encounter a group who call themselves The Keepers of Time, people dedicated to preserving history and culture as it existed before the nuclear apocalypse. Ashley and her crew are determined to save The Keepers from annihilation by barbarians.

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A Reunion in Time – A novel of time travel, love, friendship, and terror.

Rick Bellamy is a 37 year old FBI agent, in charge of the New York office if the Counterterrorism Task Force. His life just changed, and it wasn’t something he planned on.

While visiting his old high school to help with an alumni committee, he was suddenly attacked by a short man in a black robe. Instinctively, to protect himself, Rick pummeled the little man, leaving him semi-conscious on the floor.

Three other brothers came running to the scene of the commotion, one of them, Brother Francis yelling, “Young man, come to my office immediately.”

The sign on his door said Dean of Men, but Rick remembered him as a guidance counselor. He wanted an explanation of Rick’s behavior toward Brother Morris.

“My goal was simple, Brother—to defend myself against that sadistic little prick.”

As they spoke, Rick looked around the familiar office. He saw a team photo of the championship football team from 1999. He stood in the back row. Then he realized that Brother Francis looked quite young, in his 30’s, but that was impossible because Brother Francis should be in his mid-50s by now. Brother Francis asked Rick if he knew what year it was, thinking that Rick may be suffering from a mental disorder. Rick said it was the year 2021, although the calendar on the wall showed the year to be 2001. Brother Francis then told Rick to look at a full-length mirror in the corner of his office.

That’s when Rick realized that the world had changed, and his life with it. He was looking at a kid who appeared to be 17 years old.

Brother Francis takes Rick to a psychiatrist who specializes in hysterical psychosis, suspecting that Rick suffers from this. The psychiatrist gives Rick a clean bill of mental health and recommends that Rick see an acquaintance of his, a leading expert on time travel, a professor at Princeton.

The guy drives up to New York to see Rick, and determines that Rick has, indeed, time traveled.

While Rick meets with the professor, his wife, Ellen, tries to find him, along with some of Rick’s colleagues from the FBI. While they looked around the grounds of the High School, Ellen steps on a grate and disappears. She emerges, still at the high school, but it was a different place from where she was a few minutes ago. Ellen walks into the school, and a friendly brother informs her that Rick is, indeed, there and escorts her to the room where Rick was meeting with the time travel professor. On the way to the room she looks at a full-length mirror, and instead of seeing a beautiful 36-year-old woman, she sees a scrawny 16-year-old—herself, 20 years in the past.

They try to convince anyone who will listen that they are accomplished adults in their mid-30s, Rick an FBI agent, and Ellen a famous architect. When they accurately predict the horrors of September 11, 2001 just a few days later, people start to believe them.

Rick’s parents have a hard time believing all of this, but finally take it on Rick’s say-so and his prediction of 9/11. His parents reluctantly let them sleep in the same room, in the same bed. After all, they’re married, his dad said to his mother, with a confused look on his face.

Rick, Ellen, and a boy named Jack (another time traveler) who is an accomplished author and journalist, set off to explore their strange new (old?) surroundings. They visit Ellen’s favorite uncle who introduces them to yet another time traveler, a man with a secret knowledge of a nuclear terrorist plot in the near future.

They know they have to get back to 2021 to warn the authorities of the horrors that await, horrors worse than 9/11.

Their Princeton professor friend has a theory that they can find the time portal, or wormhole, and return to the time and place they came from.

It works, and they return to 2021, in time to sound the alarm about the coming terrorist nuclear plot to bomb four American cities.

“A wild time travel yarn to keep you up at night.”

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The President is Missing – Book Three in the Matt Blake Series

“What the hell just happened?” I asked Barbara Hightower, my assistant.

We were watching a TV first, a live broadcast by the President of the United States from a nuclear submarine deep under the waters of the South Atlantic. The President, Matt Blake, also happens to be my husband. Matt, dressed in naval officer’s fatigues, faced the camera holding a microphone. He looked great, but then he always does. Matt’s so natural in front of the camera, it’s as if the technology was invented for him. But the screen suddenly went blank.

“Beats me, ma’am,” Barbara said. “If we can’t maintain communications with a nuclear submarine, what the hell can we communicate with?”

President Matt Blake was addressing the nation from the USS Louisiana, a nuclear submarine submerged in the South Atlantic. His message is suddenly cut off. Nearby ships reported hearing an explosion. Aircraft reported floating debris five minutes later in the vicinity of the sub’s last known position.

The nation went into mourning for the loss of the popular president

First Lady Dee Blake has doubts, which she shares with naval high command and the new president. Her husband, a lawyer, always told her to distrust the evidence. She did more than distrust the evidence—she uncovered a massive conspiracy to hijack the submarine and kidnap the president. She thinks the explosion and the debris were a ruse to make people think the sub was destroyed and her husband with it.

Could the sub have been hijacked and the president kidnapped?

But who would commit such an act? What is its purpose?

Was it Russia, China, Iran, or a shadowy group of freelance terrorists? One thing was certain: the plot had to include mutineers

The new president, Roland Benton, agrees with Dee Blake’s suspicions and sees himself as only an interim president. He appoints Dee as his Chief of Staff, with explicit instructions to find the missing submarine—and President Blake.

Dee finds the workings of a secretive group right in the United States, a group everyone had thought was destroyed.

Her life, and the life of the nation, suddenly take a horrifying turn.

“A nail-biting thriller that holds you until the explosive ending.”

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Robot Depot

Mike Bateman is a visionary businessman, the creator and CEO of the fabulously successful chain of stores, Robot Depot, a company dedicated to selling robots and Artificial Intelligence machines for a variety of uses.

The company is a darling of Wall Street and is the most popular destination for consumers and businesses looking for labor saving devices.

But the company caught the eye of ISIS, the terrorist Islamic State. They discover a great way to deliver bombs – using the products of Robot Depot to kill people.

Robot Depot changed from being a popular company to an object of fear because of the tampered products it sells. The terrorists use the company for “terror spectaculars,” including the destruction of a skyscraper, a drone attack on Yankee Stadium, and the bombing of a children’s sailing regatta.

Mike Bateman and the FBI are in a race to stop his products from becoming weapons, a race to stop the wanton killings. His wife and partner, Jenny, discovers the true meaning of terror one horrible summer day.

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The Maltese Incident       

A Novel of Time Travel

You’re on a beautiful cruise ship.

The April sky is full of stars.

Suddenly, the ship rumbles, and instantly the stars disappear.

“What the hell was that?” Captain Fenton yelled.

“Beats me, captain. I’ve never seen anything like it,” the first officer said.

They would soon discover that the ship, The Maltese, had just traveled through time—millions of years to the past.

The captain, Harry Fenton, a highly decorated naval war hero, realizes the greatest battle of his life lay ahead of him.

Captain Harry, a widow, falls in love with a beautiful passenger, Meg Johnson, an executive with the company that owns the ship.

After a whirlwind romance, they marry—in the ship’s ballroom.

Captain Harry convinces the passengers and crew that they must move ashore to a tropical island because the ship is running out of fuel and supplies.

Captain Harry organizes a group to go ashore and inspect the island.

An ancient forest inhabited by dinosaurs awaits them.

Meg wants to go with them. Harry, fearing for her safety, tries to convince her to stay on the ship.

Meg demonstrates that she is proficient with a gun by taking apart a rifle and reassembling it—in 15 seconds. Harry marvels that he’s never seen such an expert gun handler—or accurate shooter. So, AR-15 in hand, Meg joins the inspection party. Charging dinosaurs are no match for Meg Fenton’s firepower.

Will the 1,000 souls ever make it back to the time they came from, or will they remain stranded in the distant past?

A scientist aboard theorizes that, to return to their present time, they need to go back to the time portal, or wormhole, that brought them to the past.

But the ship doesn’t have enough fuel for the journey.

Realizing that their lives have hit the reset button, the crew and passengers construct a community in the forest—Malta Town.

Under Harry and Meg’s leadership, they create a court system, a legislature, and all the elements of a small budding democracy. Meg figures out a way to harness hydroelectric power from a nearby waterfall. Everybody thinks of Harry and Meg as the heart and soul of Malta Town. They begin their new lives—among the dinosaurs.

The Maltese Incident is a riveting tale of time travel, love, courage, and horror.

Get this page-turner now and prepare for the ride of your life.

You can purchase The Maltese Incident here


The Violent Sea

The Violent Sea is a novel of time travel and military history, the second in the Harry and Meg Series. It’s also a sweet romance between Harry and his wife, Meg.


Rear Admiral Harry Fenton has done it again. He’s traveled through time to a different era. He finds himself, with a serious head injury from a fall, at Pearl Harbor Base Hospital on May 16, 1942, three weeks before the Battle of Midway. His wife and aide, Lieutenant Meg Fenton, is worried sick, and waits for him—in 2018.

Admiral Harry is the commanding officer of Carrier Strike Group 14 in 2018, but the people in 1942 think he’s a busted-up hallucinating sailor who imagines himself an admiral.

Admiral Raymond Spruance is the commanding officer of Carrier Task Force 16. After hearing about Harry’s time travel stories, Spruance orders him brought to his flagship, the USS Enterprise. After Harry tells him about his time travel experiences, Spruance is convinced the man is insane.

But after speaking to him at length, Spruance is amazed at Harry’s knowledge of naval tactics and strategy. He calls Harry’s bluff and orders him to stay aboard the Enterprise for her upcoming engagement at the Battle of Midway.

By the end of the battle, Spruance thinks of Harry Fenton as a friend, and even calls him “admiral.”

Now Harry needs to figure out how to travel back to 2018, to his carrier command, but most importantly, to the love of his life, Lieutenant Meg.

After Harry returns to the present, the Fentons are deployed on Harry’s flagship, the USS Gerald R. Ford. The ship encounters another wormhole, this one in the ocean. Again they are transported to the 1949  and participate in the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

The book took me 10 months to write. It went through 20 drafts and three rounds with my editors. I did copious research for the book to ensure its historical accuracy. If you enjoy the genre of time travel, I think you will love this book. I got to know my two main characters in the prequel, The Maltese Incident. Harry and Meg are deeply in love but enjoy constant banter and wisecracks. One of my favorite characters, Admiral Ashley Patterson of The Gray Ship, makes an important cameo appearance in The Violent Sea.

I’m a fan of surprise endings and The Violent Sea delivers. It’s available on both Kindle and paperback.

You can purchase The Violent Sea here


Leonardo Murphy

You just launched a satellite into space without a rocket.

You took a $1,000 gift from your father and turned it into $1,600,000 in two years after you read a book on stock trading.

You invented a computer algorithm that writes novels.

You’ve just entered Harvard University on a full scholarship after completing high school in two years.

Not bad for a 12-year-old kid.

Leonardo Murphy, age 12, changed his name from William to Leonardo to honor his hero, Leonardo daVinci. Young Leonardo, with the second highest IQ ever recorded, just launched a satellite into orbit using a helium balloon and a small jet engine he bought on eBay.

Among his many projects, he read books on stock trading. At age 10, he took a $1,000 gift from his father and turned it into $1,600,000 in two years.

Realizing that he could easily become an insufferable obnoxious brat, he heeded the words of his beloved great-grandfather, Ezekiel Murphy, who was also a genius. “Don’t be an a…hole,” grandpa Ezekiel told him. Leonardo always recalled those words—and tried to obey them.

At the urging of his father, a high-level FBI Agent, Leonardo is hired as a consultant to the FBI. Using his software design skills, Leonardo wrote an algorithm that tracked down the world’s most dangerous gang, MS-13, enabling the FBI and local law enforcement to end the gang’s activities.

Leonardo is fascinated by Artificial Intelligence. While a freshman at Harvard University, at age 12, he designed a computer program called Jane Austen, that could write 10 novels a month.

At age 20, Leonardo received a PhD in physics from Harvard. Shortly after that, he entered the Navy to follow in his parents’ footsteps as a naval officer.

After he left the Navy, Leonardo, now 25 years old, met a beautiful young woman named Janice Reynolds, and fell madly in love. They married a year later. By that time, Leonardo had become a fabulously wealthy multi-billionaire from his stock trading and patent royalties. Janice loves to teach at a nearby private college. When the college hits financial problems and is about to close, Leonardo buys the school.

Janice loved to say, “My husband used to be a cute little nerd. Now he’s a tall, handsome, rich nerd.” Janice and Leonardo, who she calls “Lee,” collaborate on various secret projects with the CIA and FBI.

But their activities with law enforcement and intelligence put a target on their backs. They narrowly escape four assassination attempts, including one on their honeymoon cruise. It was then that Leonardo discovers that his sweet, pretty wife knows how to use a gun.

Leonardo and Janice, despite the dangers, love to help law enforcement. They admit to themselves that they enjoy being spies, or spooks. They even bought a Golden Retriever and named her “Spook,” Whenever he’s hired as a consultant, Leonardo insists that Janice be included. “We’re a package deal, a twofer,” he would say to any official who objected to Janice working on top secret matters.

After one of their adventures, Leonardo looks forward to getting back to a normal life. But then he realizes that they don’t lead a normal life, so why bother.

Leonardo Murphy is a breathtakingly fast coming-of-age thriller about one of the most fascinating characters you will ever meet in literature. Instantly you are shoulder to shoulder with the world’s most amazing genius.

Grab your copy of this thriller here



I have also published five nonfiction books. Please read about them below.

Justice in America: How it Works – How it Fails

To read further or order a copy, click here

To read further or order a copy, click here

I wrote this book as a primer on the American system of justice for the inquisitive layperson. I wanted to help people, especially non-lawyers, understand what they read on the front page of the newspapers. The book’s gotten wonderful feedback. Please:  Read more…





The APT Principle: The Business Plan that You Carry in Your Head

Cover proof front onlyThis book presents a unique set of diagnostic tools to evaluate business problems. It is written for the business owner who knows that a business plan is necessary, but has either been putting it off…or has been ignoring the one that’s written. It contains a lot of humor! Read more…

How to Create More Time

Time is perception, nothing more and nothing less. We have a given amount of time allotted to us: 365 days in a year, 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes to an hour, and 60 seconds to a minute. But, because time is nothing more than perception, we can actually create more time by altering the way we perceive it, using a few simple techniques. This is called manufacturing time. It can be done, and it’s easy. Read more about the book.

Boating Basics. The Boattalk Book of Boating TipsCover - Boating Basics

Don’t leave port without this book on your Kindle or iPad. This is an essential book for anyone who enjoys a day on the water.

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Basic Basics

Chapter 3 – Nautical Terms – When is a Boat a Ship? Why is a Bathroom a Head?

Chapter 4 – Boat Cleaning Basics

Chapter 5. – How to Handle Chop in a Small Powerboat

Chapter 6. – How to Load a Powerboat on a Trailer

Chapter 7. – How to Operate a High Performance Powerboat

Chapter 8. – How to Find a Classic Wooden Powerboat

Chapter 9. – Should You Buy a Boat? Now may be a good time, or not.

Chapter 10. – The Express Cruiser One of the Most Popular Powerboats

Chapter  11. – How to Anchor a Boat

Chapter 12. – The Trawler – A Fishing Boat, a Pleasure Boat

Chapter 13. – How to Dock a Single Engine Boat Like a Pro—Three Simple Tips

Chapter  14. – Conclusion

Get the book here

If You’re Injured: The Consumer Guide to Personal Injury LawCover for Kindle

If You’re Injured – The Consumer Guide to Personal Injury Law is written by a lawyer, former legal journalist, and former publisher of The New York Jury Verdict Reporter. It’s written in a conversational way to help the reader understand the complexities and problems that face a person bringing a personal injury lawsuit. It is not a substitute to hiring an attorney, but a guide to how to find the right one, and how to communicate with the lawyer once you have made a decision. The book’s objective is to help you avoid being injured twice.  Get the book here



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